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Version 2.6a

DXPSK v2.6a (English version only)


Download DXPSK for free. This is an updated version in english working with Windows 7®
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(Many thanks to Jim Mitrenga N9ART author of Flexible Digital-Mode Interface)

This program could be written thanks to Moe Wheatley, AE4JY who made available to the programers a dynamic link library, pskcore.dll allowing an easy use of very complex calculations through simple procedures and functions of his own.


If you use my freeware programs and if you want to give me some help, you can send me a donation through Paypal. This contribution will help me to update my programming tools. Thank you. Paypal
Download dxpsk (us version) dxpsk26a.exe  12/01/2011 Dreambook
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SMARTPSK version 1.6
Up to 25 tracks available ! downloadable right here as a Freeware !
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A new version is under way...

Smartpsk v1.6a (US and FR)


Download SMARTPSK for free. This is an improved version in english.
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Download dxpsk (us version)smartpsk16.exe

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